Aurevoir 2013


Considering that it’s already February, this review is a liiiiiiiitle late, but better late than never right…? In 2013, I decided that I wanted to diversify my clothing pairings and take more risks with what I wore, so I started taking pictures of my outfits every day, okay most days, so that I could easily keep track of this. I would highly recommend this exercise to anyone looking to make changes to your style -big or small. Largely as a result of this practice, I became a lot more intentional in my outfit choices and because I could easily see what combinations I had previously worn, I went out of my way to try out new things. Of course not every outfit experiment was successful, but I like to think that in the end I accomplished what I set out to.

Side note: as you can probably tell from this collage, I wholeheartedly reject the view that bold colors, or colors in general, are solely reserved for spring or summer. So whether it’s 8 or 100 degrees, sunny, cloudy, raining, hailing, snowing or any combination of these, if you want to wear bright colors, I say go for it! Have no shame in your color game.


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