Shifty Wednesday

Shift Dress

The shift dress. Oh how I could drone on and on about my deep appreciation for this style of dresses- about how comfortable, yet casual, but still cute, and also versatile these dresses are. For those of you who may not know, shift dresses are those that loosely drape over your shoulders without any cinching at the waist, they can be long or short, and are made in a range of material. In short, it’s a dress that every woman should have in her closet. Which brings me to my Wednesday work outfit. I woke up for work late yesterday morning, and had a slight panic because I had not settled on an outfit the night before, as I usually try to do. Luckily, this Lulu’s dress was peeking out of my closet.

Shift Dress Shift Dress

I went for a simple but pulled together look and added a pink and gold H&M necklace, a simple gold watch, white studs, and fuchsia Aldo flats for a pop of color. It was in the 70s yesterday, and since I was also in a hurry, I did not opt for a jacket. Unfortunately temperatures dropped precipitously here in DC last night, so at least for the next couple days I won’t be able to get away with any jacket-less ensembles.

Shift Dress

Shift Dress


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