Keeping it Casual

  Boho Chic

Today was a balmy 60 degrees, with intermittent sunshine in Washington DC and it was a thing of beauty. Despite the occasional clouds, it was a wonderful second day of spring, and thankfully it was a casual day at work (as all Fridays are) so I wore a flowy pastel maxi dress. As it was still somewhat chilly, I threw my oversized Aztec print sweater on top, added some sandals -I generally only wear sandals, whether heeled or flat, with maxi pieces -and was ready to go.  I adore the way the colors on this dress compliment one another so well, and this sweater pairs well with practically  any outfit. All in all a very comfortable, yet cute look AND casual Friday appropriate. As a side note, I’ve heard so many people say that shortys, like myself, should stay far away from maxi dresses/skirts because it’s not flattering on our vertically challenged bodies. I think that’s utter nonsense. Short, tall, or in between, everyone should own a dress (or skirt) which doesn’t require her to shave her legs. Obviously there are other reasons maxi skirt and dresses are great, but let’s be honest the no shaving is a huge advantage.

Happy Friday!

Boho Chic
Boho Chic

 Boho Chic


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