Black and White Geometry

Black and White

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out a color scheme for an outfit, especially when considering accompanying accessories such as jewelry, scarves, and/or hats which can easily complete or wreck the ensemble. Though I used to be almost religious (read boring) when it came to matching colors and prints, in the last couple years I’ve slowly been drifting away from this approach for creating my outfits. However, yesterday, I decided to take a break from color –though not prints –and wear my beloved geometric black and white shift dress from Asos. I thought about pairing this with a blazer, but wanted to go with a more casual look, so I threw on this two-toned vegan leather jacket. The outfit still felt incomplete, but that was nothing a little pop of color –in the form of this flea market necklace –couldn’t fix, and voilà I was off to work!

 iPhone 005  iPhone 003  iPhone 007  iPhone 004
Black and White Dress: Asos // Tinley Road Jacket: Piperlime // Flats: Lulu’s // Necklace: Flea Market (Eastern Market) // Sunglasses: Forever 21

  1. andthisiswhyiwilldiealonesurroundedbycats said:

    I love that dress! Just had a little stalk of Asos to see if it was still on there..

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