Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk (Middle School Edition)

Is it just me, or is middle school style making a come-back? First with overalls, sweaters tied around the waist, sneakers, and even skorts. While I am still undecided on the shirt/sweater around the waist trend, I have definitely drunk the cool-aid when it comes to overalls and skorts. So rather than just talking the talk, I’m posting about how I wore these 2 over this past weekend. I initially wanted a pair of dark denim overalls, but when I stumbled upon this lighter pair from Forever21, I had to have them. OverallsOveralls: Forever21 // Shirt: Forever21 // Sandals: Forever21 // Watch: Asos // Earrings: Forever21 // Bag: Steve Madden // Scarf: Tobi

Thankfully Fridays at my work place are relatively casual affairs, and since the weather has been (slowly) warming up over the past several weeks, I could see no reason not to rock my overalls at work. I mentally prepared myself for any farmer  joke thrown my way, but was pleasantly surprised not to receive any. Although I think I might have to get the waist taken in a bit, I loved the fit and am so happy to finally own a pair again!Overalls

                                                                This skort speaks for itself.iPhone 018

                             Shirt: Sidewalk Vendor // Skirt: Asos // Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider // Jacket: Asos

Its asymmetrical cut makes it a little more interesting, and the floral pattern and color is striking so I thought I would dress it down with my super soft DC tourist shirt, these leopard print sneakers, and a light utility jacket.

Floral Skort
Floral Skort


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