In the Trenches

Red DressYesterday I was lucky enough to attend a forum co-hosted by the organization I work for and drum roll please…the White House. Last year Joe Biden was the special guest and the year before that it was the President of the United States himself, Barack Obama. Unfortunately for me, neither POTUS nor VPOTUS was there, but the event was still an amazing experience and I was thrilled to get to go into one of my favorite buildings in DC the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Eisenhower Office Building
Eisenhower Office Building
Eisenhower Office BuildingGuest speakers included Tina Tchen – Michelle Obama’s Chief of Staff, Donald Verrilli – Solicitor General (aka the guy who argues on behalf of the US government in front of the Supreme Court), Tony West -Assistant Attorney General, and Kathy Ruemmler – the President’s General Counsel. My favorite speaker was probably Ms. Tchen, she was very lively and gave a great talk; but of course every speaker was very well received. There was also a panel discussion on public-private partnership in the civil legal services field. In honor of the event, I knew I needed a fabulous (though muted) outfit, considering that the crowd would be White House officials, some congressional representatives and big honchos from the legal community. Red Dress
Red DressI thought this red dress would be perfect, as the color is amazing, and the peplum detail is stylish, yet understated. It was another beautiful day in DC so I threw on a light trench, and some heels and I was ready to go. I know green and red are a combination most closely associated with Christmas, but I really liked the two together. What do you guys think?

Happy hump day!


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