Going With the Flow

MaxiIn order to rouse my spirits post-phone loss on Thursday, I needed a low maintenance, but fun outfit. I snagged this dress at Loehman’s (which apparently is coming back as an online retailer!) a while ago and even though it’s a tad too long, I loved the rich purple color and the pleats too much to let it go. Until I get around to hemming the dress however, I am happy to throw on a pair of, comfy wedges and take the dress for a spin around town. I wanted to dress this down, so I threw on a striped sweater, and added my John Lennon-inspired glasses, and the hat (my newest obsession) for a boho chic ensemble. I have to say I was comfortable, and felt great in the outfit the entire day. And while that alone did not entirely make me forget about my lost phone, it certainly helped!Maxi

  1. Van Pham said:

    Aw, sorry about your phone (been there done that twice last year >.<). But it is certainly a happy outfit:)

    • Oh no, twice in one year? That’s horrible, but thank you -I’m glad you like the outfit!

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