Leopard is the New Black

Spring Colors

Blazer: Ross // Top: B Boutique // Skirt: Forever21  // Flats: Forever21 // Scarf: Tobi // Necklace: Forever21

This leopard print scarf is quickly becoming one of my favorite accessories. I had been searching for a scarf like it for quite a while (and am still searching for the perfect pair of leopard print flats) and was so happy to get it from a Tobi sale for a measly $9 dollars. I have come to think of leopard print less as a pattern and more as just another color, so I am always happy to incorporate it into any outfit to add an extra oomph without overwhelming the look. If you have any thoughts on the outfit, good or bad, the comment section awaits!

Spring Colors
Spring Colors
Spring Colors        Spring Colors        Spring Colors

  1. Van Pham said:

    I think the only item I have with leopard print is a scarf too. I’m a little scared to work that pattern into my outfit:) I like how you style this outfit, kinda contrasting the tough leopard print with the very fun and sweet colors on other items.

    Van from Fashion for Petites

    • Thank you, that’s exactly the contrast I was going for. And don’t be scared, leopard print makes most outfits instantly more chic. Try adding a pair of leopard print flats to an outfit, I promise you’ll love the outcome.

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