Style on a Budget: April

Shopping has always been a weakness of mine. From my younger days when holidays like birthdays and Christmas were my only source of a disposable income to my current full-time employed self, I just can’t seem to resist a beautiful article of clothing, jewelry, or pair of shoes. Acceptance is the first step to recovery…right?? Not that I’m really looking to kick my habit; instead, I’d like to manage it a little better. So, in an attempt to have a semblance of control over this habit (and to bolster my savings), I am going to start tracking my monthly purchases and am tentatively setting a shopping budget of $175. I am well aware that my total expenditure for last month was a bit above this number, but in my defense I had not yet established a budget, AND I got some pretty great deals. I’d also like to give a shout-out to Jill from Good Life for Less for her fabulous style, and for being one of my inspirations for this post -she does a mean budget breakdown!

budget IIbudget budget III  budget VIII  budget VI budgetbudget VIIbudget IXbudget Ibudget V Asos Asymmetrical color block dress: $90.31, marked down $63 (additional $20 off) -$43

Shoemint Booties: $109, marked down $49.99 ($40 Mintsider cash) -$9.99

Asos Chartreuse Shirt: $41, marked down to $28

Tobi Leopard Print Scarf: $18, with 50% off $9

Tobi Shift Dress: $66, with $50% off $33

Forever21 Dropwaist Dress: $24

Tobi Knee High Socks: $12, with 50% off $6

Tobi Crop Top: $48, with 50% off $24

J Crew Factory Printed Shorts: $49, with 30% off $34

Crossroads Traiding Co. Palazzo Pants: $30

Total Spent: $241 // Total Saved: $246


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