Woman Crush Wednesday: Simply Cyn (Addicted 2 Etsy)

Simply CynI stumbled upon Cynthia’s blog last week while looking into taking care of this unruly mane that is now on top of my head, and immediately fell in love with her style- and do not even get me started on her beautiful hair (I’ve been having major hair envy ever since). While stalking her blog, I discovered that she’s from Cameroon, just like me, so obviously I was doubly excited! I love the way she mixes seemingly discordant pieces to create coherent and chic outfits, and I adore the bits of African influences in her outfits. She is not afraid to mix prints, and does not shy away from bold colors, which I more than appreciate. Her blog also has awesome posts on food, life in New York, and lesser known musical artists. So if you’re in the market for new music, want to get a taste of the big apple (vicariously), or just want to get some fashion inspiration, she’s definitely your girl so check out her blog at  Simply Cyn Simply Cyn  Simply Cyn Simply CynSimply Cyn Simply Cyn Simply CynSimply CynSimply Cyn Simply Cyn

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