Style on a Budget: May

Style on a Budget: May

Let me start off by saying that Memorial Day weekend is one of the best sales weekend of the year. With that being said, I can hardly be faulted for having gone a weeeeeeeeeee bit over my set budget for the month after being hounded by stores parading their slashed prices. MY self control was just not strong enough to withstand these and I gave in (over and over again) BUT I did come out of it with some pretty great finds which I have shared above. And I have put myself on a shopping moratorium for all of June, so hopefully I’ll be able to stick with that. What about you guys? How did you weather the Memorial Day sales? And how do you deal with great sales on one hand and sticking to your budget on the other? Clearly, any tips would be more than welcome since I need all the help I can get. Happy Monday everyone!

Forever21 striped dress $20, 10% off, $18

Forever21 striped blazer, $30, 10% off, $27

Forever21 utility vest, $30

Shoemint Elyse heels $90, $40 mintsider cash, additional 30% off, $30

Lulu*s crop top, original $44, sale $37, additional 30% off sale items, $25.90

Forever21 white blazer, $33, 10% off, $30

Forever21 silver statement necklace, $16, 10% off, $14.50

Forever21 animal print jacket, $44

Chicwish midi skirt $70, 43% off, $40

H&M leather shorts, $22, 10% off, $20

Forever21 white & gold statement necklace, $9.80, 10 % off, $8

Asos midi skirt $54, 20% off, $43.44

Loft gray jeans $69.50, sale $35

Lulu*s skirt, original $46, sale $39, additional 30% off sale items, $27.30

Total Spent $393.14 // Total Saved: $185.16


    • Yeah, I’m a little obsessed with dresses that have fun back details!

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