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Dress: Tobi // Sandals: Steve Madden c/o Nordstrom Rach // Necklace: Forever21 // Watch: Asos

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Thankfully another Friday has arrived. I can only hope the weekend continues with the wonderful weather we’ve been experiencing for the past 2 days. Today’s outfit post largely centers on this beautiful white blazer I snagged from Forever21 a month or two ago. I love how clean cut it is, and the slightly padded shoulders make me feel like a #boss. Enjoy your weekends everyone!

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Dress: Tobi // Skirt: Forever21 // Shoes: Forever21 // Watch: Asos // Necklace: Buffalo Exchange

As much as I love this patterned skirt, for some reason it’s always really difficult for me to find a shirt to complement it. And usually when I do find one, I’m never completely satisfied. Enter this shift dress. I’m all about remixing dresses into shirts by tucking them into pants or skirts, and dresses into skirts -with sweaters or shirts layered over them. I love the neon stripe detail on this dress, and think the asymmetrical stripes are a great touch. Not one to shy away from pattern mixing, and/or bright colors, I’m a little surprised it took me this long to pair these items together but I couldn’t be happier with the results. What do you all think, thumbs up or down?

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a woman crush Wednesday post, but I thought it was high time I brought it back. This week I’m shining the spotlight on the lovely Angie of The Fashion Fuse. She was kind enough to comment on one of my outfit posts last week, and I always make it a habit to check out the blogs of commentters and I have to say I was immediately blown away by hers. Her outfit choices are simultaneously risky and measured, her styling is always on her point, she knows how to rock a turban (without it looking custome-y) and she just seems like a very sweet and humble person. So if you’ve got some time on your hands, I could not recommend her blog enough. But seriously, I spent a solid hour stalking her past outfit posts at work earlier this week…no shame. Happy stalking (and hum day)!

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