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iPhone 004

By now, I hope it’s obvious that I’m a prints kind of gal. One of my favorite prints is houndstooth, because I find that it’s super versatile. There is a classic quality about it that can be lacking in other print patterns. And depending on the size of the houndstooth, the item of clothing can be muted, or stand out a little more –which brings me to this outfit. I bought this skirt for all of $10 at the Buffalo Exchange in Georgetown. As soon as I saw it, I wanted it. It’s feminine, classy, and fun. I decided to pair it with a simple, flirty top; to complete the look, I added these flats with bows, threw on a thick belt, and off to work I sauntered!

iPhone 003  iPhone 005iPhone 008



Here are some pictures from my wonderful 4th of July. Life has been hectic in the best of ways in the past week, but better late than never right? Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, and happy humpday!

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