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IMG_1731IMG_1723IMG_1675I know, I know, it’s been quite a while since I made a post,BUT since my last post, I moved to China! For the next year of my life, I’ll be living in a city called Ningbo teaching English to adorable Chinese children. Life before I left was a little hectic, as you can imagine, which is partially why my posts have been non-existent, but hopefully that will change. This past week was a national holiday in China, which celebrates the country’s founding, so I’ve been on vacation in Hong Kong. It has been an amazing experience -this place is absolutely beautiful, the people are so friendly and there is a multitude of things to do! Whether it’s shopping, sightseeing, hiking, or laying on the beach, there is no shortage of activities to participate in. I’ll be posting pictures of my trip later on in the week, but I thought my first post back should be an outfit post. This skirt is probably one of my most prized possessions, I bought it from a site called Chicwish that is actually based in Honk Kong and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Because it’s such an effortlessly chic statement piece, I usually pair it with very simple pieces -both for the top, and my jewelry choices. Hope you all like it!


iPhone 028Top: Asos // Pants: Target // Flats: Asos

Anyone who’s anyone knows that you really can’t go wrong with either a backless or chartreuse piece. Too much work, so gotta keep this post short and sweet, but happy Thursday!iPhone 029 iPhone 030

iPhone 001

Color-matching, e.g. all whites, blacks, grays etc., have been fairly prevalent color schemes for quite a while now. While I love an all-white, black, neutral, or pastel outfit as much as the next girl, I also love prints; so I thought it might be fun to wear this trend with an animalistic twist. I went with an all leopard print from head to toe –this included my dress, shoes, watch, and even my sunglasses. The trick with doing this with prints is to make sure the pattern on each item of clothing is the same (e.g. stripes, animal print etc.) but the proportions (or some other detail) of the print are slightly different on each article of clothing. For example if it’s stripes, the stripes from your shirt or shoes may be wider than those from your shirt. So what do you all think about the all leopard get-up? Like it or not, I hope you have a great Wednesday!

iPhone 005iPhone 002 iPhone 003  iPhone 006

iPhone 003

T-shirt: Stolen from brother // Shorts: J Crew Factory // Flats: Thrifted // Belt: Thrifted

Sometimes simplicity really does reigns supreme. This weekend was packed full of activities for me –coffee with a sorority sister who I hadn’t seen in over 4 years, 2 concerts, a poolside BBQ, a second (non-poolside) BBQ, hitting the bar scene, and getting ready for my move to China –needless to say I had very little time to dedicate to create outfits. So my weekend uniform was a shirt and shorts. This look was for a Sunday BBQ at a friend’s house; the night before had been very eventful so wanting to be as comfortable as possible (especially in the humid weather), I threw on a t-shirt, shorts, flats and I was on my merry way. I did worry about spilling barbecue sauce on my white t-shirt, but am happy to report that it was in pristine condition when I eventually went home. I’m clearly all about the small victories!

iPhone 004 iPhone 005 iPhone 006

iPhone 004

By now, I hope it’s obvious that I’m a prints kind of gal. One of my favorite prints is houndstooth, because I find that it’s super versatile. There is a classic quality about it that can be lacking in other print patterns. And depending on the size of the houndstooth, the item of clothing can be muted, or stand out a little more –which brings me to this outfit. I bought this skirt for all of $10 at the Buffalo Exchange in Georgetown. As soon as I saw it, I wanted it. It’s feminine, classy, and fun. I decided to pair it with a simple, flirty top; to complete the look, I added these flats with bows, threw on a thick belt, and off to work I sauntered!

iPhone 003  iPhone 005iPhone 008